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School Life

Parental Involvement

We recognise the central position of parents in the child’s life and strive to work with them to the benefit of each child. Parents are encouraged to raise any worries or concerns, however small, with the teacher or Principal. Similarly, staff keep parents informed of any concerns they may have.

Parents’ meetings are held each year to provide details regarding the curriculum, homework and progress. An interview is offered to every parent so that the child’s progress may be discussed. Additional interviews can be requested by teacher or parent, if required.

A detailed written report is provided to parents each year in June and in Prep 7 children receive a Record of Achievement.

Parents are invited to attend performances such as the Nativity Play, Carol Service and Concert and to our annual Open Afternoon, when children’s work is displayed and the entire school is open to all. Other events such as fairs and demonstrations are organised from time to time.

We have an active School Development Association which works hard to raise funds for the betterment of the school. Parents also often offer help with Saturday games, trips, book fairs and other school events. This is much valued by staff.

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