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School Life


The ethos of Belfast Royal Academy is the cornerstone of Ben Madigan life. Non-denominational and open to girls and boys aged 3-11, we sow the first seeds of academic, sporting, artistic, cultural and personal ambition. State-of-the art IT facilities ensure cutting-edge learning, with iPads used throughout the school.

The Northern Ireland Curriculum is followed throughout the school, taught by a caring and highly motivated professional staff. This is delivered through the key ‘Areas of Learning’ within the Northern Ireland Curriculum:

  • Language & Literacy
  • Mathematics & Numeracy
  • The Arts
  • The World Around Us
  • Personal Development & Mutual Understanding
  • Physical Development & Movement (Foundation Stage) /Physical Education (KS1&2)
  • Religious Education

Cross-Curricular Skills

At the heart of the curriculum lies an explicit emphasis on the development of skills and capabilities for lifelong learning and operating effectively in society. Through opportunities to engage in active learning contexts across all areas of the curriculum, pupils will progressively develop cross-curricular skills such as:

  • Communication
  • Using Mathematics
  • Using Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Thinking Skills & Personal Capabilities

  • Thinking, Problem-Solving & Decision Making
  • Self-Management
  • Working with Others
  • Managing Information
  • Being Creative

In addition, tuition in piano, guitar and drums is available as an optional extra. The standards achieved are carefully monitored, with scores in standardised assessment well above the national average. Most children take the A.Q.E. Entrance Examinations and the school supports preparation for these including after school classes. We recognise that how a child performs in these tests is of key interest to parents. Class sizes are kept at a maximum of 25 pupils per teacher (with most classes being smaller than this), in order that individual attention can be given to each child. We believe that this contributes to the high academic success rate. However, we recognise that not all children are suited to a very academic education and seek to provide teaching suited to each individual’s aptitude and ability.

Where a child experiences difficulties, parents are notified and appropriate support is provided by the class teacher or Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. Outside agencies may also be consulted, if necessary.

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