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School Life

Pastoral Care

Our aim is to be a safe, kind and nurturing environment.

We take steps to ensure that we fulfil this aim in the creation of our school policies and processes. Pastoral care, especially of primary age children, is key to their development and learning. To that end, we strive to have excellent levels of pastoral care within the school.

We have a safeguarding team on site, made up of a Designated Teacher, Deputy Designated Teacher and the Principal. The Principal and Vice-Principal of Belfast Royal Academy are also part of this team which enhances the Pastoral links between both schools. This team works, along with all the staff within the school, to ensure that the pastoral needs of every child are being met within the school.

Warmth and parental inclusion are at the heart of our welcoming school community. Our talented staff actively encourage parental feedback and have the energy and flair to make learning fun, exciting and engaging. Our supportive, inspiring environment is a key reason why Ben Madigan children are confident, motivated and look forward to each school day. You can be confident that your child will embark on a journey of life-long learning with happy childhood memories, as well as a passion for knowledge.

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The well-being and all-round development of each pupil is our priority. We provide a caring, stimulating and safe environment in which expectations for all are high and where pupils are encouraged to develop as tolerant, independent, confident and accomplished individuals.

Mr R Coulter

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