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Jill and Bob Crowther

Happy Memories!

This summer we received a request from a former pupil to visit the grounds of Ben Madigan. Jill Crowthers and her older sister Jane attended Ben Madigan in the early 1960's during the Headship of Miss M Bass. They then moved to live in Manchester. Reflecting, Mrs Crowthers told us that her time spent at Ben Madigan were undoubtably her happiest school days. During a tour of the grounds Mrs Crowthers shared many of the memories that made this time so special and outlined the impact of teachers and friends alike. She was delighted to observe children still enjoying the magnificent outdoor surroundings during PE lessons and break-time play. Following her visit Mrs Crowthers wrote an email expressing that she found the tour 'deeply moving and also exciting to learn about the school in the present day. The obvious passion and skill of the leadership and staff shines throughout the school.'

We at Ben Madigan hope that the pupils of today can reflect back upon their time here with as much fondness as Mrs Crowthers and her sister.

Mr Ross Coulter


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